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voters in d.c. an in maryland head to the polls today to cast their vote in the primary. maryland voters also have big decisions to make. also ahead, a virginia man
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found tied up and shot to death in his own home. police say it is the result after deadly dispute, all over a speed bump. we'll explain why. fox 5 morning news continues right now. we'll take a look at tower cam this morning on this tuesday morning. it is september 14. i'm sarah similar monday in for gurvir. let's get a check of our weather with tony perkins right now. beautiful day outside. >> great morning. great day today. we'll see fine weather conditions. i think the only feature of note will be some breezy conditions later on today. let's take a look. we'll show you the current temperatures around the region as we are in in the 50s and 60s. mostly in the 60s right now. your wind are light at this hour. out of the south at six milespe they will shift to out of the northwest a little bit later on today. barometric pressure is steady. here is a look at the sat rad.
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not a lot to show you. no precipitation nor do i expect to see any today. we'll see mostly sunny skies i think for the bulk. day today. at least partly sunny skies. it will be a nice one and the day will look pretty as well. those wind will gust up to maybe 0 or 5 miles per hour. the forecast for today looks like this. morning clouds but then partly to mostly sunny. high in the low 80s. we'll say maybe about 8 #, 8 # degrees, something like that and becoming breezy during the late morning and early afternoon hours. we'll have more details on all of that coming up? just a little bit. >> it feels like fall -- we'll say maybe about 82, 83 degrees, something like that. >> i love how sarah points that out. i know it's directed to me. you will fine the lane are open. no problems reported right now. still an easy ride across the
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wilson bridge. kids in maryland, schools are out today for the voting. d.c. kids have to make that trip to school. no incidents to report right now top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. southbound along 270 out of hyattstown, the gang is all here. we are starting to slow as you head down toward the truck scales. lanes are open as you continue from germantown headed out towards the split across the american legion bridge. traffic is still moving at speed. traveling eastbound on 66, this is a camera angle east of 234 trying to get past the virginia visitors center. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. vote are head to the polls this morning for the primary elections in d.c. an maryland. let's start with matt ackland in the race to the d.c. mayor. >> reporter: it has been a long couple of months of campaigning for both candidates and it will
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be a very long day for them today. we understand both of those gentlemen are up very early. mayor fenty held a rally around 5:30 at georgia avenue to kick off today's event. we understand that chairman gray will be voting somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30 near his home on alabama avenue in southeast. mayor fenty and his wife are expected to vote around the same time on 1th street near their home right around 7:30. -- around the same time on 13th street near their home. both will set until tonight for the election results. back to you. now to the race for maryland governor. voters will head to the polls to choose candidates fay
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november contest that will likely be a rematch between bob ehrlich and martin o'malley. we'll check in with stacy cohan. >> in maryland, much like d.c., they did have an experiment with early voting. we'll see how that affects voting today. in prince george's county, the governor's race, anyone who is registered republican or democrat islingible to vote. this is not an open state in that republican primary is key. the county executive race, a tight race between michael jackson who has served two terms as the sheriff here against rushern baker a local tern who served several years
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in the state legislature as a delegate. this is mr. becker's third time running for county executive after nearly unseating jackson son in 2006. we'll have live coverage through outthe day in prince george's county. thank you very much. voters going to head to the polls today. senator john mccain actually is throwing his support behind ehrlich. he is calling him, quote a find guy. ehrlich faces one challenger in the gop primary. governor o'malley is up against two other candidates. voters also choosing candidates for municipal offs as well as state house an state senate seats, county commissioners, shaibs, board of education members.
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they are all on the ballot in calvert, charles, frederick prince george's and st. mary's county. fox 5 has complete coverage of the primary races. we'll have live reports on the newscasts throughout the day and the poll results as soon as they come in on fox 5 and also online at a plane goes down with more than 50 people on board but the good news this morning, more than half of the passengers survived. we'll have more details straight ahead after the break. also in the wake of the bp spill, some scientists have been asking where did all of the oil go? well, now, there may be a new patch popping up. find out where when fox 5 morning news continues.
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the death toll from a plane
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crash in vent daily ais now up to 15 but 35 people survived the crash. -- a plane crash in venezuela. the pentagon expected to grant the sale of $60 billion wort of fighter jets, helicopters and missile defense systems to saudi arabia. the deal is designed to accepted a signal to neighboring iran. the pentagon is also asuring israel the f-15 would have the long-range radar targeting system disabled. researchers from the university of georgia say they have found patches of oil on the gulf of mexico sea floor. some of that oil believed to be from the bp leak is up to 80 miles away from the deep water horizon well. the oil measures two inches deep in some places. the government has said 75% of the 100 million plus gallons of that crude that leaked into the gulf hats disappeared. testing is now beginning to see
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if that oil is from the bp well. incredible surveillance video coming into fox 5 from that explosion ma rained through the california neighborhood. this was taken inside grocery store. we'll share the view in a neighboring gas station as well. more on that plus concerns about pipelines across the country coming up. straight ahead, an update on hurricane igor. tony has the latest on the forecast for our area. s,rc
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some dramatic photo nasa here. this is hurricaner churning in the atlantic. the pictures coming in from the international space station. you can is he -- see how big this is. still a little too early to tell if he will pose a threat
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to land. >> when do you think we have a better idea ?a. >> eled say that right now, it looks like it will focus on bermuda. we'll have to wait and see where it goes. i'll show you some more images of that in just a moment. they are evening their eyes on it. we'll have temperatures that won't be quite as warm as they were yesterday but a nice day today. take a look at yesterday's high temperatures around the region. we were well into the 80s. low 80s in some places. at bwi marshall, 81 degrees is all they were able to muster. our average high for this time of year is 80 degrees. our current temperatures are primarily in the 60s although there are plenty of 50s out there. now, i say primarily in the 60s and they are in the 50s.
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59 at dulles. 55 at manassas. 63 in annapolis. leonardtown is at 61 degrees. here also look at the satellite- radar for the region p we do have clouds streaming through this morning. not the thickest cloud cover we've ever seen. once these get through here, we'll see more sunshine for the bulk of the day today. these are so, wade frontal system out it the west that will be moving through here touring the course of the day. bringing some drier air but as it comes through, those wind will pick up and we'll see the winds blowing at about 20, 25 miles per hour p this is igor that we were showing you. look at that well-defined eye. as steve mentioned it is a category four hurricane. maximum sustained winds are 135 miles per hour continuing to track to the north-northwest move ago about eight miles per hour. if this impact bermuda, it wouldn't be until this weekend. we have you new hurricane, hurricane jewel what way out to sea across the atlantic. this one will also bear
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watching but the forecast has it remaining out to sea. it's category one hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. mostly sunny skies. breezy at times. tomorrow, quiet qeat, sunny, 81 degrees. high pressure in role. next chance of rain is maybe some shower activity thursday into friday and as we head towards saturday, more sunshine and again high near 80 degrees. that is latest on what is happening with the weather. let's get the latest on the rush hour traffic. >> we'll start off by saying good morning to the crew in sky fox. i believe they are over near # 70. will fine the lane are open as you continue southbound working your way out of rockville headed out towards the split. no problems to report on the southbound spur headed past democracy boulevard. the kids are not in school today in maryland. they have the day off for the
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voting process. you will find the kids in d.c. are going back to class. southbound 270, good approaching and passing 109. no problems to report now continuing through silver spring. southbound 29 in good shape randolph road to four corners. traveling northbound on i-95 out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the wheaton metro station back up and running this morning after escalator problems forced it to close for several hours last night. the problem surfaced right in the middle of the evening commute an many red line passengers were forced to take a shuttle either to the glenmont or forest glen station. the station's elevators were already out of service before the escalator malfunctioned. we learned more about the massive computer crash in virginia last month.
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inorganic ron grumman is paying $250,000 for an independent review of the mass viv jail y -- massive failure that affected the agencies. investors are watching and waiting for data. we'll have more on business beat. more on what the president had to say about the state of the economy when we come back. a
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president obama taking a break from formal speeches for a business bift a discussion on the economy during a backyard gathering in fair fact. the president announced he is confident the country will
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recover saying small businesses and investing are the key to success. >> if we can get small businesses growing and investing and opening their doors, hiring new workers, that will probably be the area where we can peak the most progress over the next year in terms of being sell rating employment and reducing the unemployment rate. >> the president is hoping the senate will pass the small business and jobs credit bill but republicans are not in favor of the stimulus saying they were prevented from offering to to extend the bush tax cuts. concerns consider over the federal deficit. chris cotter is live in new york with this morning's business beat. chris, the federal government has been on track to record the second highest deficit of all times. despite that, we still have some positive news in the market, encouraging retail news
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too. >> yeah, the market is sort of usedded to what is going on with the stimulus. it is not a surprise -- sorry, with the deficit. it is not a surprise to them. numbers coming out yesterday showing that, at the end of august, our deficit was $1.26 billion. the budget year for the government runs runs through september 0th so we are on pace to about at about $1. 3 trillion. we've never been above $4 other billion before last yard. so we went from $450 billion at the absolute highest to $1.4 trillion, a huge leap and again this year, $1.3 trillion. about a third of that deficit is because of reduced tax revenues. when you have the economy in recession, tax revenues will go down. so higher spending, less revenue to offset the spending and you get these huge budget deficits.
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now, retailers are looking to look wrawnd that in the month of august. we get their numbers today at 8:30. we are thinking they might be a little bit bet are than they were a year ago in august. august isn't what it used to be in terms of a back to school month for retailers. it is spread out now. a lot of schools start earlier in the south so retails from the end of june, begunking of july through september is back to school. it is spread out a little bit. it is still a huge month. we get best buy earnings today as well. so it is important to see if people are spending on high end items like big korean tvs as well. >> as you mentioned a minute ago, the recession, there has been a lot of concern abouts a double dip recession but the oracle of omaha has spoken and apparently some people say we should be listening to what he has to say. >> when warren buffett speaks, people do tend to listen. he has medicine a little bit of money in the marketplace and knows which way the wind is blowing. he didn't see a double dip recession.
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he spoke at an economic conference yesterday and said look, we've hired more people in the last couple of months. our businesses, and he owns a lot of businesses an he has a lot of money in a lot of different companies, says things are looking good here on our front. pessimism is higher than it has been in a long time but he still doesn't see the double dip and he sees growth potential moving forward. >> all right. chris cotter with fox business network. thank you for talking with us today. a virginia man shot and killed in a dispute over a speed speed bump. we've got the latest from police coming up. as voters get ready to head to the polls being we have live team coverage of the primary elections in d.c. an maryland. we'll be right back. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer 
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it is 60 right now on this tuesday morning. we'll get another check on this forecast for today which is looking good. >> it is not a bad day.
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only weather feature of note is i think it will be rather breezy later this morning and during the early afternoon as a front comes through. aside from that, a very nice day. let me show you the current conditions around the region. not bad at all. temperature in the 50s and 60s. right now here in d.c., our temperatures dropped off to 65 degrees. 59 at dulles. 57 in baltimore. frederick, maryland, 57 degrees. owe someone city is at 61. fredericksburg is at 62. satellite-radar, not a lot to show you. we've got for parts of the area fairly clear skies. there are some clouds streaming through right now and i think during the morning hours, we'll see some clouds coming through. those will break up and we'll see more sunshine later on today. not a bad day. your forecast look like this. mostly sunny skies, again with some morning clouds. breezy at times. those wind will shift out of the northwest. they haven't done it yet. ten to 15 miles per hour gusting up to 0 to 5 miles per
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hour. high today about 82 degrees. that is a look at the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guy. have you been hearing the rumors about mars and being able to see mars so clearly during the coming weeks? that it will be almost as big as the moon. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> i can't wait. >> when he says mars, i think of candy bars. as a matter of fact, let me open up the drawer right now. 21 northbound at old fort road, we have some delays there. no problems reported on 295 headed inbound towards the 11th street bridge. gridlock traffic out of germantown headed out to mva before the pace improves only to slow again at montrose road before the lane divide. make note the outer loop of the
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beltway 95 college park, we are now receiving word of aen accident possibly tying up the left lane just before the exit for i-95. coming south on 95, the lane are open out of laurel. northbound 95, the lane are open in virginia leaving the prince william parkway. we are receiving word of an accident on route one. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story this morning, primary day in maryland and d.c. and we start in the district this morning. >> mayor adrian fenty is in the fight of his political career facing a strong challenge by d.c. council chairman vincent gray. let's get more now from matt ackland live at a poll is place in northwest. >> good morning. we are just about a half hour way from the polling precincts opening up. we are here at the mlk library downtown. we've seen some action. nobody lining up yet but i'm sure that is going to start taking place in the next couple of minutes. we have some new video that we
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wanted to show you taken probably just about an hour ago. this is mayor fenty holding an election day kickoff rally along georgia avenue this morning. we are told from here he will go then to the sharp school on northeast street around 7:00. chairman grey will vote between 7:00 and 7:30 at the senior wellness center near his home on alabama avenue. we did have a chance to catch up with both mayoral candidates last night. here what they had to say. >> we need to involve people more. we need to engage them more. they need to feel that even when we are making a tough decision, when i am leading that i am personally hearing both sides of the issue. >> i think i bring a very inclusive style of leadership, very open, very transparent. >> the top pro priorities as
6:35 am
mayor. >> continuing with education reform without question and then economic development and specifically getting people back to work. >> both the mayor and the chairman are voting near their homes this morning. we should tell you we showed you that video from mayor fenty this morning. we are also following chairman gray. we are going to try to be as fair as possible. we have our cameras following him as well. we'll brung you video and updates from his campaign -- we'll bring you video and updates from his campaign throughout the day as well. some other races on the ballot today. wards one, three, five and six all up for grabs. the delegate for the house of representees and the chairman seat. all of those on the ballot here in the district today. back to you guys. >> thank you. you saw some clips there from our extensive one on one interviews with d.c. mayor adrian fenty and council chair vincent gray. we'll air both of them ahead in
6:36 am
our 7:00 hour here on fox 5. the regular race for maryland governor, republican bob ehrlich is headed into today's primary with a big endorsement. former presidential candidate john mccain says ehrlich is, woat, awe fine guy. his opponent, governor martin o'malley spent yesterday on the campaign trail stumping at schools across the state. in prince george's county, voters will decide would will be their next county executive. fox 5's stacy cohan continues our live team coverage of the primary elects from greenbelt this morning. >> reporter: in maryland, voters also had the opportunity to partake in early voting an we are he told that county connective candidate michael jackson did just that already catting his ballot in early voting. we're live at eleanor roosevelt high school where they are expecting alarge turnout for the race for the county executive. michael jackson is a two-term
6:37 am
sheriff here in prince george's county. this is his first run real had l.i.e. for a more legislative office although he did have some experience as a teacher previously. rushern baker was a long-time state delegate. he ran twice before for county executive nearly unseating jack johnson back if 2006 think he is hoping that the third time is the charm. both men are running on a sort of standard ticket, education reform, crime fighting and currently efforts to lift the economy from an economic slump. >> my name is in congressional record. we are nationally recognized for my child support initiative. our school resource initiative will place deputy sheriffs in the schools to help mentor and guide our young people. >> reporter: although we've spoken to rushern baker many times before, we were not able to catch up with him on the busy campaign trail yesterday. the polls open here this morning at 7:00 a.m. i want to mention from the county county executive race,
6:38 am
there is a race for on for the state attorney and the governor's race, can you do that here in prince george's as well as across maryland. the polls will be open next time i see you. back to you. voters in maryland also choosing candidates for offs as house an state senate races, counsellity commissioners, council members, court cleks around treasurers all on the ballot in calvert, charles, frederick, prince george's an s. -- and st. mary's county. soy we'll be live throughout the day and bring you poll results here on fox 5 and on some of another top stories we are following today, a popular children's entertainer is in trouble with the law again. alfonso pittman, the man behind
6:39 am
d.c.'s fonzie the clown has been charged with a sex offense for the fourth time. the victim is a 14-year-old girl. she awes could pittman of assaulting her inside his business on kennedy street northwest. pittman spent three week in jail and will be back in court on friday. fairfax county police say a dispute over a speed bump between neighbors turned deadly. >> the victim a 48-year-old employee of the faa was tied up and shot in the head inside his home. as bob barnard reports think his passionate campaign to got a speed bump in front of his house may have been what got him killed. >> reporter: police say murder victim steve an karr was shot to death inside his home by a neighbor, david patton. he lived just around the corner, reportedly upset by the speed bump karr lobbied on get in front of his house on field master drive. >> it is really sad. really unflaunted fortunate to think people can fly off the handle that much over a speed bump.
6:40 am
>> reporter: police say karr and his girlfriend were watching tv around 10:00 sunday night when patton cam through the front door with a gun, forced the couple to the floor, bound hair hands with zip ties and shot and killed karr when he tried to get free. police say karr's roommate eventually showed up, was also ordered to the ground and when he ran from the house and the suspect gave chase, the girlfriend ran to an upstairs bathroom, locked the door and called 911. >> incredible. i just don't believe it. >> reporter: next door neighbor willis palmer says he knew somebody was upset about the speed bump. they would go by and honk at night. >> reporter: on june 11, patton and car got into it outside the house. >> he was going to drive into his driveway. he was and they blocked his way and they had talked and he finally got into his driveway and i think the man got out of his car and stuck his hand in and grabbed him. after that, steve took him to
6:41 am
court. >> reporter: patton was charged with misdemeanor assault. their court date was scheduled for this thursday. bob barnard, fox 5 news. a police officer shoots an kill a dog at awe weekend festival here in d.c. now, the people with the dog when the it happened talk to fox 5. we'll share what they had to say coming up next after the break. also, this reporter claims her lacks caused some problems at an nfl team practice. we'll hear from her coming up after the break as well. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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one dog owner says a pit bull mix was on the attack but the pit bull's owner is blaming police for shooting and killing his dog. sheila martin silva says the pit bull mix attacked her dog and the other owner. he says the dog wasn't that violent. >> i remember seeing the dog's
6:45 am
owner trying to hold him down and the dog bit him too. >> you can see the extent of my injuries, hardly really anything at all. >> reporter: block is blaming police to kill canning his dog. d.c. police are saying the shooting appears to be justified. the new york jets are acussed of some unsportsman like conduct off the field. a mexican tv report arer says she felt uncomfortable ate jets practice over the weekend saying the coaches and players threw footballs in her direction, whistled at her and even blocked her path as they walked away. >> i tried to minimize it and say focus on your job and tried to pretend nothing happened. >> you didn't hear the calls or the whistles. >> i brought my cell because when you get into the locker room, you hear all the noises.
6:46 am
what i try to do is not provocate anything. >> some people explained she was not dressed appropriately. >> she tweeted this photo saying that jeans and a blouse were appropriate. dress appropriate will you today because it will be a little chilly possibly if you are outside. >> it is not going to be chilly but breezy. our temperatures way be in the low 80s so the wind will pick up during the latter part of the morning and into the early or middle part of the afternoon being something like that. they could be blowing or gusting up to 20, 5 miles per hour so you want to be aware of that. we'll start with the current temperatures around the region. that is awe mixed bag. you will find some hilly spots this morning with temperature in the 50s in parts of the area. 55 route now in gaithersburg. at least in one spot in gaithersburg, 55. 65 here in d.c. leonardtown is
6:47 am
at # # degrees. manassas is at 55. dulles at 59. frederick, maryland, 55 degrees there as well. satellite-radar for the region. we do have have awe few clouds coming through this morning. the front will be the cause of the breeziness. the wind will pick up and be out of the northwest. we'll get the breezy conditions, maybe 10, 15-mile per hour winds gusting up to 0 or 5 miles per hour. then, as we get all of that out of here, high pressure dominates again. then we'll have a beautiful wednesday. our next real weather system not until thursday when we could see some showers. but tomorrow, sunny and the bulk of the day today sunny as well. so your forecast looks like this. after some morning clouds, mostly sunny skies. breezy at times. high about 2 # degrees. wind will shift out of the
6:48 am
northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour. -- high about 82 degrees. more clouds build in and we could have showers thursday night into very early friday morning. we need the rain so we welcome it. friday, 81 degrees for a high. saturday, sunny and 80. not bad at all. look like a pretty good weekend shaping up. now, it is time for ask the weather guys. it is the big segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing question weather- related or otherwise. bill much asks at the moon is coming up earlier in the evening is mars visible with it and where? this is awe reasonable and rational question. there are others asking similar questions of ask the weather guy including is mars -- are we
6:49 am
about to see mars appear in the sky as big as the moon. if it will be at big as the moon, i need to tell you. the answer to the we is mars going to be as big as the moon? no, it is not. is mars visible in the sky right now? not rally. because mars is so low on the horizon. can we come off that graph graphic for just a moment. mars is on the western horizon. as the sun is setting, it is in twilight, you can't see it, not very well. this is all. cog from internet rumors that have been going around every year about this time since 2003 for some reason. >> why is that? >> we don't know. i don't know if it is one person spreading in room spreading in -- this rumor every year that mars is about to be -- there is no reason for us to think that you ill wfer
6:50 am
see mars appear to be as big as our moon in the sky. -- that you will ever see mars appear to be as big as our moon in the sky. tuck are put a lot of time putting this together. while mars is not visible, what is visible is jupiter. >> jupiter, full moon, next week, 23rd of september. that is the full moon there. now, we can look at it. if you look to the east, i know we don't have a mountain range to the east of us. if you look to the east during the nighttime hours, you will see jupiter, big, bright jupiter just to the south and east. i don't know to describe that. >> south and east of the moon f you are looking at the moon and you look in a southeasterly direction. >> and jupiter should be bright an beautiful there during the next couple of week. that is a planet you can see. if you look carefully, right
6:51 am
income to swriewp tier, uranus will be there too. >> this time of year is pretty good for stargazing and seeing the planets. answer to your specific question about mars is no. -- if you look carefully, right next to jupiter, uranus will be there too. >> if you are eking two moons, it is not an astronomical event. it is some other type of event. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. just remember that and we'll we are those questions for you. >> all right. had. let's check some with julie and get a look at traffic. >> it is getting busy out there on the highway. if you are traveling along the beltway here, route one in college park, accident activity after route one but before i-95 college park now tying up the left side of the roadway. here is the delay on the beltway. outer loop. beltway coming out of green
6:52 am
belt already slow this morning headed around towards i-956- 7895 itself open to business on the southbound stretch coming out of laurel but northbound, headed into baltimore, just north of 695. that is where we have the crash and that is what is tying up the two left lanes. 95 in virginia not looking so bid bizy here in woodbridge. not looking so busy here in woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are get august if you look at the time that massive gas pipe explosion in california. surveillance video captured this chaotic scene inside a
6:53 am
nearby supermarket. also at this service station, a huge pyre ball comes dangerously close to the gas pump. last week's blast has utility companies looking closer at its pipelines all over the country. we have a closer look in this report. >> reporter: pg & e is still not allowed access to its own pipeline. head of pg & etch's gas and electric operations senior vice president says only the national transportation safety board has access now. >> the gas pipeline is part of the system in terms of how it is managed. >> reporter: it is here at pg & e's control center that the gases are monitored but they are always going up and down depending on consumer demand. larges went off early yesterday evening but shutting down a broken pipeline doesn't spot p huge amounts of high pressure gas from spewing out. >> we're shocked. we don't plan it. we don't engineer it. we don't main tin it to have these sorts of events. so when they occur, it is really jarring. >> gas pipeline are everywhere
6:54 am
and anywhere there is a customer. pg & e alone has 46,000 miles of pipeline, of which # thousand is comprised of large, high pressure main supply lines such as the one that failed in san bruno. for that reason alone, finding the root cause is critical. >> we look at real will you all aspects, materials and the like and the more significant the damage, the more detail. >> puyallup lines come in all ages. >> so it is a matter of understanding conditions or if it is just age. we can very very vintage pipes that are in excellent condition and will serve the purpose adequately. >> critics say the efforts to fix the gas lines have fallen short because that is up to the company to do the unspex. there have been more than 2800
6:55 am
gas puyallup line accidents since 1990. more than one-third of those caused death or significant injury. soy our live team coverage of today's elections in islamorada and the district continues after the break. we'll be right back.  ♪
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there you have it. tears of joy for rafael nadal. he sealed his place to win the first u.s. open beating djokovic in four sets. he's the 7th man ever to capture a career grand slam, winning all four major tournaments and the first
6:59 am
player in 41 years to take the french open, wimbledon and the u.s. open in the same year. would you be crying tears of joy as well. and now let's send things over to allison who is joining steve. >> thank you, sarah. coming up in the 7:00 hour, primary. we have live team coverage and your final chance to hear from the candidates. and also ahead this hour, incredible images of the gas line explosion in california. a quiet community turned into a neighborhood inferno. and what happened at a local street festival where a police officer ended up shooting and killing a dog. it came after two dogs supposedly got in a fight. we hear from both dog owners. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. let's take a live look outside as the sun is starting

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